Program Philosophy

As high school coaches, we know we want our players to have the self-discipline to workout on their own and to do more than just play. Having had the opportunty to be a high school coach for twentyeight years my best teams, teams that won conference championships and competed for state titles, were tremendous offensively. Everyone playing had the ability to put the ball on the floor, make plays, and make shots. These abilities were developed in the off season and at Take It To The Rim Basketball Camp. Running Take It To The Rim Basketball Camp is an extremely serious endeavor. Watching a camp session, I would hope you see someone passionately teaching the game of basketball. Each camp session is carefully planned to maximize the number of quality repetitions a player achieves. Each camper has a basketball and there is no downtime. I want this to be an intense learning experience, increasing the work ethic, effort, confidence, and enjoyment for each camper. When returning home I would hope you would see a more energized player who is working for a purpose. I know that is what I want as coach. Having had the opportunity to watch Sean Miller, Billy Donovan, and Rick Pitino run individual instruction has helped me to put together a quality individual instructional program. If you have any questions regarding camp, please do not hesitate to contact me. I hope to have the opportunity to work with your players this summer.

Topics Covered at Camp: • Emphasis on 4 - 5 dribble moves . • Offensive footwork in terms of squaring up, moving the defense and then attacking. • Finishing at the rim, making layups. • Breaking pressure, creating space, and attacking the press. • The ability to pivot vs. pressure. • Organizing your offseason ballhandling and shooting workouts. Detach here and mail IMPORTANTINFORMATION All campers must have their own medic

Why "we drill for skill"?