What Other Coaches Say

"Forrest Larson is proof that you can be a great teacher of the game no matter where you are.  I would send my son or daughter to the Take It To The Rim Basketball Camp in a New York minute!"

Dick Bennett
Former head coach at UWSP, UWGB, Wisconsin and Washington State


"At the Take It To The Rim Basketball Camp, you will use many of the same drills that we use in our own individual instruction program.  The Take It To The Rim Basketball Camp is one of the best instructional and skill development camps in the country.  If you are serious about putting in the time and effort that it takes to become a better basketball player; I would strongly recommend that the Take It To The Rim Basketball Camp be a part of your summer schedule."

Billy Donovan
Head Basketball Coach -Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA)

"Forrest Larson is one of the best I have ever seen working with young basketball players, improving their offensive skills.  Our staff and players always look forward to inviting him to the Iowa Basketball Camps each summer."

Steve Alford
Head Basketball Coach -
UCLA Bruins


“Coach Larson does an outstanding job of teaching players how to build an effective ball handling program. Motivation, goal setting, and intense drills are part of a productive package. He’s one of the best teachers I’ve ever seen.”

Tom Davis
Former head coach at Boston College, Iowa, and Drake